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  1. Which scales is the software compatible with?

    The software is works with any type of the electronic scales, indicators or devices equipped with RS232 interface.

    The software supports either the one-way transmission (the device permanently sends information to the computer) or the two-way communication model (the computer sends the question to the device about the status and waits for the answer).

  2. How to order the software?

    The ordering procedure is described here.

  3. What operational system does the software work on?

    The software works on the PC with the Windows XP or a more recent operational system.

  4. How difficult is the software installation procedure?

    There is no installation procedure. Just run the executable file and use the program. The program does not install nor does it require any additional components / drivers / devices on your computer.

  5. How the payment is proceed?

    The payment can be made via bank account money transfer (destination bank is located in Poland, Europe) or via WesternUnion money transfer (destination country is Poland, Europe).

    On demand the price can be converted to US dollars ($).